Monday, October 21, 2013

Que Coisa Boa

HEEEEELLLLLLOOOOO!!! How are you doing in the real world?? Is the government back in action? Are you all alive out there? I haven´t heard from some of you in a while, so it makes me wonder...

Anyway, this week was full of coisas boas! Good things. First off, I have to say that I´m beginning to understand a lot more when people speak to me. Miracle! Now, my Portuguese on the other hand, still isn´t so great... but let´s not get into that right now...

Second, the people here are awesome! We had a ward activity on thursday night, and it was so fun. It´s nice to do something a little bit different every now and again because the mission is always so repetitive. Oh, and we also had a youth activity on Saturday. I LOVE the youth! They are hilarious! And they think I´m hilarious because my Portuguese is so bad! But hey, sometimes you´ve just gotta roll with things. I may stink at Portuguese, but at least I make people laugh!

Third, the Elders had FIVE baptisms last night. It was AMAZING! People from two different families. One new primary child, three new youth, and a new member of the Relief Society. Que coisa boa! The spirit was amazing last night during that baptism. I admit, I almost cried... It reminded me that this is the purpose that I´m here in Brazil. To find the people that are ready to accept the gospel and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. Now, I just need to work a little harder to find those people. They´re here, I just know it!

Oh, I can´t forget to mention my really ridiculous mistake the other night...

SOOOOOOO, as you all know during the Fall we set our clocks back an hour for day light savings. Well, Brazil does the same thing. So,on Saturday night my companion reminded me that we I needed to change my clock. I was so happy! I would get to sleep an extra hour. And I admit, I went to bed a little bit later than normal because I knew there was a time change... I was getting stuff done, don´t judge!
Anyway, so morning time rolls around, and for some reason my room is super bright at 5:45 am... and for some reason my roommates and companion are up and being really loud... OH. MY. GOSH. I forgot that the seasons are the opposite in Brazil! My clock was 2 HOURS off! I had 15 minutes to get ready for church... And let me tell you, I really needed to shower... But I just didn't have time. I felt so gross. And to top it off, it was around 35 degrees celsius. We were cooking! Oh the things I do... Living in a different county is an adventure, that´s for sure.

Anyway, this week was full of good things! Santa Cruz is beautiful. You smell churrasco in the air every day. It´s pretty much heaven. Now, I just need to find the people that are ready to accept the gospel in their lives. It´s been a heck of a time finding people with genuine interest here, but I know that miracles can happen, and I feel some miracles coming pretty soon.

I love you all. I miss you often, but I´m here for a purpose. I know that God loves all of His children. I know that He wants all of us to live worthy to return to live in His presence again some day. I know that the path to be worthy is through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have a perfect week!

Sister Stevens

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's true! It's really true!!

My oh my. What a week. Or maybe I should say month, because I think that´s about how long it´s been since I've written an email for the blog.

It´s been so crazy and busy out here. But for a quick update, I left the CTM on October 1st and I´m about to start my 3rd week in the mission field. Waahoo!! It´s been quite the adventure already...

First off, I am now in the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission serving in an area called Santa Cruz. It´s really beautiful here and the members are fantastic! My first companion is Sister Barros from Cabo Verde, off of the coast of Africa. She´s so sweet. She doesn´t speak any English, so things are always interesting, but I love her.

Secondly, I am feeling MUCH better. Thank you everyone who heard that I wasn´t feeling well and sent prayers my way. I got sick the second day in the field. It was just a general cold, but it never went away. And when you´re working for 13 hours a day in the sun, it´s not very fun. But tudo bem, all is well! My ears got really stuffy and I literally couldn´t hear a single thing anyone said to me. So, to add to the confusion of not understanding a language, there I was without hearing as well... Oi! Talk about a rough time! THEN, on Monday another really fun thing happened. I got pink eye!! Woohoo! For the first time in my life... What an adventure.

There I was on Tuesday morning prying my eyes open with my fingers because they were glued shut... GROSS! So, I called up President Wright and he gave me the direction to head to the doctors to get a perscription. So, Sister Barros and I walked up to the hospital, because that was pretty much the only place to go, and I walked away with 4 different perscriptions. I had no idea what they were for, but I took them religiously and haven´t died yet! Blessings!

Right now we´re doing our best to teach as much as possible here. It´s been really difficult because we´ll hike and hike and hike and then when we get to a house an hour later, nobody´s home. So we hike in another direction and nobody´s home there as well. So then we knock on doors, or actually clap at the gate in front of their house, and hope that they´ll let us teach them about the gospel. It´s a challenge for sure.

Right now it´s the beginning of summer, so it´s been ridiculously hot out in the sun. So, I´ve become one of those people that walk around with an umbrella.

Oh, I do have a story though that I never got to share. When I was on the flight from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre, I had an awesome missionary opportunity! I was sitting next to this man named Waldir, and I was able to teach him about the restoration and give him a Book of Mormon! It was AWESOME! And I did it all in Portuguese. It wasn´t the best Portuguese in the world, but Waldir was awesome, and patient, and helped me a lot. It was such a cool experience. He promissed me that he would read The Book of Mormon and pray with his family to see if it was true. A lot of people will say things just to appease you, but I honestly believe that he will. He was so sincere.

Anyway, I want you all to know that I love you! I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it´s true. I wouldn´t be out here sweating and hiking and knocking on doors if it wasn´t. A mission isn´t a vacation. It´s hard work. But it´s worth while to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have the best week ever!

Sister Stevens

Thursday, October 10, 2013


My CTM companions Sister Melendez, Sister Smith, and Sister Wright

My first time drinking Chimarrao.
 It´s bitter at first, but then you get used to it. 

Your Missionary in the Mission

"Oi! I just arrived in Porto Alegre! I feel great, other than being a little tired. I had to leave the CTM at 4:30 this morning! It was a great last week at the CTM, and I've made so many great friends.

I have P-day on Monday, so I'll email you then. Oh and really important: Stop using the address in my packet. Use the address on the top of this letter. I guess the one in the packet is only for a tiny mailbox, so if you send a package it's hard for the mailmen to get it in the box.

I am so excited to be here! Porto Alegre already seems very different from Sao Paulo. It's much prettier.

I talked to this really awesome man on the plane and I taught him about the Book of Mormon! It was AWESOME! I gave him my extra copy and promised him if he read and prayed he would receive an answer. He was so helpful and patient. I didn't understand exactly what he was saying, but I knew he was interested. He was great.

The Gospel is true! I'm excited to be here!

I love you, but I'm so glad I'm here!

Brazil is awesome!


Sister Stevens"

The address on the top of the paper is: 

Sister Emily Stevens
Missao Brasil Porto Alegre North
Caixa Postal 13008
Porto Alegre - RS Brasil CEP 91010-971