Thursday, October 10, 2013

Your Missionary in the Mission

"Oi! I just arrived in Porto Alegre! I feel great, other than being a little tired. I had to leave the CTM at 4:30 this morning! It was a great last week at the CTM, and I've made so many great friends.

I have P-day on Monday, so I'll email you then. Oh and really important: Stop using the address in my packet. Use the address on the top of this letter. I guess the one in the packet is only for a tiny mailbox, so if you send a package it's hard for the mailmen to get it in the box.

I am so excited to be here! Porto Alegre already seems very different from Sao Paulo. It's much prettier.

I talked to this really awesome man on the plane and I taught him about the Book of Mormon! It was AWESOME! I gave him my extra copy and promised him if he read and prayed he would receive an answer. He was so helpful and patient. I didn't understand exactly what he was saying, but I knew he was interested. He was great.

The Gospel is true! I'm excited to be here!

I love you, but I'm so glad I'm here!

Brazil is awesome!


Sister Stevens"

The address on the top of the paper is: 

Sister Emily Stevens
Missao Brasil Porto Alegre North
Caixa Postal 13008
Porto Alegre - RS Brasil CEP 91010-971

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