Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Hello everyone, and Happy December! I can´t believe that it´s already December... Where has the time gone?! I´ll be calling home in 23 days! CRAZY!

I hope that Thanksgiving was perfect for you all. I actually almost forgot that it was Thanksgiving this past Thursday. But I got together with some of the other missionaries in my district on Monday and we had a ghetto little Thanksgiving up at the church. It was awesome! Four of the six of us are American, so we had the chance to teach our two Brazilian missionaries about the wonders of Thanksgiving! Stuffing your face, and passing out on the couch afterwards! Oh yeah, and giving thanks too...

This week was good. I learned about the importance of talking to people with more love, and I did some of the best contacts of my mission this past week! I felt the love. They felt the love. There was just so much love!

Sister Lourenço and I were blessed yesterday night with another miracle for Ramo Santa Cruz. The baptism of Alvarino Da Cruz! He´s awesome!

This Ramo is growing and soon enough will become an Ala.

I love you, and I want to share my testimony with you all. God loves us so much. He sent his son Jesus Christ to this Earth to atone for all of our sins, and we can have peace in this life and joy in the world to come if we just look to him. Heavenly Father has a perfect plan. Have faith, repent, be baptized, recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost, and keep on keeping on.

Have a perfect week!


Sister Stevens

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