Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Christmas Miracle!


This week was full of Christmas miracles! I don´t even know where to begin. First off, Feliz Natal and um prospero Ano Novo to all of you.


This week was Christmas, obviously, so my first Christmas miracle was spending time talking with the family! It was only 40 minutes, and it passed so fast, but it was great!

The day after Christmas, Sister Rodrigues and I had our second Christmas miracle.

My new companion Sister Rodrigues

Our first baptism of the transfer! His name is Caio Balhego and he´s 9 years old. He´s so stinking cute! The baptism day was full of crazyness... Sister Rodrigues and I accidently filled the font to the point where it started to Overflow... But wait, there´s more. Sister Rodrigues and I spent the next hour afterwards filling buckets and dumping water down the bathroom sink... But wait, there´s more! Then, when we finally got the water down to a normal level, we realized that there was something wrong with the font, and that the water was slowly draining! What. The, HECK?! So, all of our hard work was for nothing. So many things went wrong that day. We didn´t have many lessons, Sister Rodrigues left the baptismal record at the house of an investigator, the baptism started about 45 minutes late, etc, etc, etc, but the baptism happened and it turned out great none the less. It´s amazing how many things can go wrong on the day of a baptism, but that´s because the adversary is trying to do anything he can to stop it from happening.

oops ... we overfilled the font!

                                                        Baptism of Caio

Our third Christmas miracle happened yesterday. Here on the mission, we have this perpetual weekly goal that we´re always trying to achieve. It´s called A Semana de Excelência a.k.a- A Week of Excellence. To achive this week of excellence, you have to have 1 baptism, 3 investigators with baptismal dates, 3 investigators in church on Sunday, 10 new investigators, 120 contacts, 12 lessons taught with members, and at least 13 other lessons. Well, it was a difficult week, but Sister Rodrigues and I did it! We had our first Week of Excellence here on the mission! It was so cool. I know, I know, It really dosn´t sound all that cool, but when you realize how much work goes into a week of excellence, it´s pretty much the greatest thing that could´ve happened. Especially during the week of Christmas. What a miracle! Hardly anyone answers the door for you, and if they do they tell you they´re about to go on vacation... It doen´t make any sense how we managed to have a week of excellence as I look back on the days, but with certainty, I know that miracles happen with the help of the Lord. When we do our best to reach a righteous goal, the Lord makes up the rest.

This week was so fantastic. I´m so grateful for the help of the Lord in my life. I know that we can all accomplish wonderful things when we put in our best efforts and rely on the Lord.

I miss you all and I pray that you will all have a successful new year!


 Sister Stevens

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