Monday, January 27, 2014

Strange Things are Happening...(To My Companion)


What a week... I don´t even know where to begin.

First, I think my companion is dying. Literally! She has had about everything imaginable happen to her this past week, I swear! Right now, she´s wearing a neck brace... No, we didn´t fight, and no, her neck isn´t seriously injured. She´s just in a lot of pain. She had some sort of freak, out of nowhere, in the middle of her shower, stiff neck... STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING AROUND HERE! She left the bathroom yesterday morning, holding her neck, crying and calling my name. She couldn´t even lift her head. We called a member and got a ride to the hospital(after talking to Sister Wright of course), spent 3 hours there, and I left with a weepy companion in a neck brace... (she was on drugs). Earlier this week, she had a broken blood vessel in her eye... It´s still there, but I don´t think you can see it in the picture... Let´s just say, it looks like I´m walking around with a zombie every day. My poor companion!

Other than all the crazy things that are going on, we've had some really great experiences this week as well. We were blessed to have another baptism. He´s a 9 year old named Eduardo. His mother was baptised when she was about 8 or 9 years old, and we´ve been blessed with the opportunity to help bring her back to the gospel by teaching her son. She went to our baptism last week(she´s the neighbor of the girl we baptized) and she cried when she walked into the chapel. It was a really spiritual experience. I´ve never had such a testimony of `the spirit of the chapel` until now. She remembered how much the gospel meant to her and her family while she was growing up. It was amazing.


I was sweating so bad at this baptism... Don´t judge! It´s like 112 degrees, with humidity! It´s hot!

Sister Rodrigues and I have one more week together for sure, and then I think that she´s going to be transferred. She´s been in this area for a long time. It´s been a crazy transfer, but it´s been great. I´m looking forward to seeing all the great things that are still to come here in Fernandes.

I love you all and miss you like crazy! I hope all is well, and that everyone´s happy and healthy.

I know that the gospel is true and that it brings happiness to families and happiness to our lives. I´m so grateful for our Heavenly Father´s love for his children, and for my opportunity to share that love with the world. Or actually just Brazil, but still!

Tchau tchau for now now!

Sister Stevens

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