Monday, February 10, 2014

So Long and Thanks For all the Fish


Well, another transfer has come and gone, and tomorrow I will have a new companion and a new area. So long Vila Fernandes, it´s been real.

Usually we don´t find out if we´re being transferred until Sunday night on the phone or Monday morning when we read our emails, but Sister Rodrigues and I are special...

We got a call late Saturday night. From whom, you ask? None other than the assistants on the mission. THE ASSISTANTS. Of course Sister Rodrigues happened to be taking a shower at the exact moment that the assistants called us(at 10:00 at night), so I answered a little anxiously, and had the most interesting 54 second conversation that I was definitely not expecting. He told me that Sister Rodrigues and I were going to be transferred.

O QUE?! Transferida? Nós duas?!

Actually, that´s exactly what I ended up saying...

He continued on and told me that we needed to know about transfers early, because we needed to let our ward know the next day, that Vila Fernandes was closing for Sisters, and that Elders would be replacing us.

WHHHHAAAAA???? Oh no they didn't!

It´s been about 2 years since Fernandes has had Elders, so it was a bit of a shock. I knew Sister Rodrigues was going to be transferred, but I honestly didn´t think that this would happen. And of course, as always, it´s right when I´m starting to feel a little more comfortable and confident with the people. I mean, c´mon! I had just had a day full of member bonding experiences and then I was told that I was being transferred!

This is all pretend outrage, of course. Because I have complete confidence that President Wright receives revelation for our mission, and that Fernandes really does need a change. It´s a really difficult area, because everyone and their mother(literally) have received the sisters already.

But alas, I´m excited for the change. A little bit sad, because we have some fantastic investigators right now. But the Elders will have some really amazing baptisms in the next few weeks. I know that for a fact!

Anyway, I don´t have much time to say anything more, but I have a lot of pics of members and random stuff that I´ll send.

I love you all and miss you! Don´t forget that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It´s here on the earth. Also, don´t forget that through your obedience and dillegence to God´s commandments, you receive blessings!
I love you all!


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