Tuesday, February 25, 2014

6 meses...ja?!


6 months...already?!

I can´t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that I've already finished 6 months of the mission. Where has the time gone? Only yesterday I left the CTM! The mission is like the twilight zone, seriously. One minute you´re on the mission, the next your back at home living a normal life. It´s so weird. The next thing I know I'll be living it up at Disney with my best friend Mickey (everyone here thinks that I live at Disney).

This week was a good one. The temperature is back up. It´s not quite as hot as it was, but it´s pretty dang hot just the same. I got to go to the temple with Sister Mariz, I got to celebrate my 6 month mark, and I had my first experience walking in a hale storm. What an adventure!

This was a good week on the mission. I learned a lot of new ways that I need to improve in my life to have peace, joy and purpose. Today I was reading an article in the Ensign with my companion about this very thing. It´s such a great article, I hope that you all will read it!
There are 10 things that we need to do if we want to succeed in life:

Establish principles to guide your life.
Don´t make exceptions to your standards.
Be loyal.
Live so that the Lord can guide you.
Serve others.
Don´t complain.
Always have a church assignment.
Worship in the temple.
Follow the Savior´s example.

This article was perfect. If we want to feel like we´re accomplishing something in this life, If we want to realize our purpose here, we need to live a life with purpose. We need to do things that enrich and uplift. That´s something that I´m learning more and more on the mission. These are the things that really matter. The things that have eternal consequences in our lives. We need to think more about the eternal perspective and less on the things in the here and now.

Here´s the link for the article. It´s so good. You should definitely read it!


Other than that, I´m doing well. The work of the Lord is moving forward on the Earth. People are choosing the follow the Savior or not, to live a life of purpose and satisfaction, or not. And I´m here to teach them how to do that. I know that the Lord loves each one of his children. He loves each one of you, and he has a purpose and a plan. Follow it, and you´ll never regret it. I know the gospel is true.

Love, Sister Stevens

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