Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Stevens


Heeeeellllooo people,

Today I have less time to write because I´ll be heading to the temple and we have to catch the bus when it passes, but I´ll try to think of something exciting to write about...

Hmmmm... I don´t have much of anything...


Sister Emily Stevens

haha just kidding, just kidding.

So this week was an interesting one. First of all, I discovered that I have a super power. When I chant something at least 4 times while pumping my fists in the air, I can make things happen... Yes that sounds weird. BUT IT`S TRUE! I made it rain here for 3 days in a row. And not just rain, I mean pour. It was the most fantastic 3 days of my life. There´s nothing better than tomando um banho na chuva! It was so great. But not only the fact that it was raining made it great, it was the fact that it dropped the temperature substantially! I mean by 20 graus... That´s a lot. We went from dying on the streets to wearing sweaters. The temperature is starting to rise again, but it´s nothing like it was before. I´m in heaven!

Other than the rain, the week was normal. It had it´s ups and downs, it´s dias de Adão, and it´s miracles too. On Friday I recieved my valentine´s package and all of my valentine´s cards! It was fantastic! Thank you everyone for all of the love! 


And on Sunday, Sister Mariz and I found someone awesome! His name is Charles and he´s 24. After all of our plans fell through on Sunday, and we still had 3 hours left to the day, I started knocking on doors. And knocking on doors. And knocking on doors. It was horrible, but hilarious. I rang the doorbells on all the chique houses, and I clapped my hands at all the normal houses, but no one let us in. We clapped and clapped and had no success. Until Charles. I made the contact and he opened the gate and let us in. He didn't act exasperated, but he just acted a little bit curious. The lesson was good. It was really interesting because he knew almost nothing about Christ (that´s unusual here because pretty much everyone is catholic or evangelical), so we had to go into a lot more detail. It was really cool to teach someone without a background knowledge. Someone that had an open mind and wasn´t trying to argue with you about trite details like why we don´t observe the Sabbath on Saturday... He was fantastic, and when we made the baptismal invite he said, porque não or why not... He said that if he recieved an answer from the Lord, why wouldn´t he follow it and be baptized. ELEITO, ELEITO, ELEITO! He´s fantastic and I´m so excited to go back to his house this week!

Anyway people, my time is about up and I´ll be headed to the temple, but I just want to let you all know that when things are getting hard, as long as you keep being dilligent, you´ll eventually find gold. You´ll be blessed for your dilligence and obedience. So, just keep knocking on those doors until you find your Charles! haha

I love you all! Don´t forget to help the missionaries, or let them in your house to teach your family or friends, or just give them a glass of water! They need your help. And a perk... The Lord blesses those that help His servants...

Have a perfect week!


Sister Stevens

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