Monday, January 20, 2014



Hello Family! This was another Semana de Excelencia! Woohoo a week of excellence! Sister Rodrigues and I sweated our butts off and managed to complete all of our goals this week. It was a lot of hard work, but it always feels so good to say that we did it! This is our second week of excellence in the transfer, and we´re gonna try for another this week!

This past week was fantastic. Sister Rodrigues and I went to the Porto Alegre temple. It was beautiful, and we were also able to meet up with some of our missionary friends that happened to be up there at the same time. It was a perfect day! And like every perfect day on the mission, the temple trip ended with a crazy down pour on the streets of Porto Alegre! Just imagine 20 missionaries running for cover at the bus stop... 

On Wednesday Sister Rodrigues and I had another miracle! A baptism! Her name is Alexandra Silva da Silva. She´s 8 years old, and the third member of her family to be baptized. Her two older siblings were baptized before I got here. She´s usually a little fireball, but on the day of her baptism, she was surprisingly well behaved. I think it´s because she knew it was her special day. Like always, I made brownies to celebrate. By the way, people here think I´m the coolest thing on the planet because I make brownies... They just don´t realize that I make them from a package! haha But I have to say, brownie mix in the U.S. is better...

It was a week of awesome, and things are going well here in Fernandes. We have another baptism this week too! His name is Eduardo, and he´s 9 years old. Like I said last week, we seem to only baptize children here in Fernandes. I think it´s our calling or something. But that´s ok, because they´re a lot more fun to teach then the adults.

Oh, and Sister Rodrigues and I found a family of eleitas! A mom and two children(the dad was on vacation somewhere). We just happened to knock on their door, and they let us in. The 8 year old daughter was just about the cutest thing that I´ve ever seen, and she was answering all of our questions. They agreed to pray about our message, and we plan to visit them again this week. The lesson was so fantastic and so full of the spirit!

Anyway, the work is progressing here, and we´re working hard to help the people here in Porto Alegre North. It´s hotter than heck, but the work is sweet.
I hope that you are all happy and well, and doing better than last week! I´ve been praying a lot for you. Have an awesome week, and don´t forget that the gospel is true!


Sister Stevens

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