Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's That Time Again


Guess what?! It´s time once again for transfers. WHAT?! I can´t even believe that this transfer is already over. And guess what? I´m gonna be transfered. AGAIN! Tchau Tchau Cachoierinha, e heeellllloooo to a new area.

It´s a little bit bitter sweet to be leaving Cachoierinha right now. It´s a great area and I had so much fun living with the other 3 sisters. But I had a feeling that this could happen. It´s also really sad, because Sister Mariz is being transferred too. So, we´re closing our area, and putting it into the hands of two new people. This makes me so sad!!! Why? Because Sister Mariz and I have come across 3 amazing families within the past week! I just don´t want them to be forgotten about... We also have the world´s most amazing less active members that we've been bringing back to church. Shaela and João... I´m gonna miss them like crazy! But I know that this is in the Lord´s hands. He´s going to bring in 2 missionaries that will help this area to grow. We had a lot of difficulties finding members to help us, and we also had a lot of difficulties actually finding people to teach.
But like I said, this was a great week. We didn´t teach a lot of people, but the lessons that we did have were golden! One of the families said that they´ve been praying for a month that they could find out the will of Godfor their family, because they´re sick of all the deception of the other churchs they´ve been going to.

We had the most hilarious and amazing investigator in church yesterday too. He´s planning to be baptized this Sunday. His name is Everton, and he has a nephew named Elder... There are tons of stories that could be told, but like always so little time to tell them.

So, here I am knowing that I have to leave, but half of me doesn't want to.

Eh, I guess I´ve gotta suck it up! I need to learn something new in another area... Maybe they´ll send me to the beach!

Anyway, I love you all. I miss you, but I´m happy and well. I´m trying my best, which is all the Lord asks for. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ exists and that our Heavenly Father has one perfect plan for everyone in the world.
Have a perfect week!


Sister Stevens

Last p-day Sister Stratton and I experimented with oreos and cake batter... We made the greasiest fried oreos on the face of the planet... Yuuuuummmmmm

Tchau tchau Cachoeirinho... I´ll miss all of your wonders:  The corner of luck (esquina da sorte),

Tapuru (maggot) the dog,

and the painting of a chicken eating chicken.  

Shenanigans.  And a pic with Silvio, the eternal investigator.  He's been helping missionaries since 1994.  He's amazing, and he gave us parting gifts!  I got a Gremio soccer jersey.  Woot woot.  And an MP3 player.  Random, yes.  But awesome!  

Gimme pizzzzaaaaa.  P I Z Z A

Last monday night we made pizza with the Souza family!  It was a blast!  

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