Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Que Manha Marvilhosa


What a week full of adventures... Let me start off by telling you about our biggest adventure of the week. It happened on Friday morning... I woke up to a comotion going on in the front room. It was around 6:30 and I was a little confused about what was happening. I asked my companion what was going on and all she said was "temos tapuru na sala..." "We have tapuru in the room" O Que??? I was super confused. One, because it was 6:30 in the morning and two

because I thought she was talking about a dog that lives down the street that they call tapuru...

So here I was confusedly thinking that a dog named tapuru was in the main room of our apartment... How the heck could he have gotten in there?

But then when I finally got out to the main room I was able to see what they were talking about(oh, and I finally realized what the word tapuru means...) There were hundreds, and when I say hundreds I mean hundreds, of maggots crawling their way across the floor of our apartment! It was horrifying! It was disgusting! One of the Sisters had left some raw chicken skin in the garbage for a couple of days, and before we knew it hundreds of maggots were crawling their way across our floor! I can´t believe I didn't take a picture...

It took us 4 hours to rid the apartment of tapuru. We had to rearrange furniture, sweep and mop over and over again, and run down to the dumpster a million times because the tapuru kept escaping from the bags of trash! But overall, it was an experience of a lifetime. And one of those things that only happens on a mission!

Since I don´t have much time left, this´ll have to do for my experience of the week. But just so you know, I did have a lot of great spiritual experiences too!

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I´m so grateful for my chance to share it with the world!

Love you all,

Sister Emily Stevens


I got a gift this week from a member of the ward. She made me a doll! It's supposed to be me! Oh, and by the way, everyone in the world here in Brazil thinks that I'm a blonde...


I found a friend on the street. Her name is Vaca (cow). I've run into her a few times on the street and she always runs up to meet me. What can I say, animals and babies LOVE me!

I got a package full of letters from the young women at church! It was awesome!

We had Conferencia de Zonas. A bunch of zones got together and had a conference. I ran into another sister that I met before the mission through facebook.

At lunch yesterday

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