Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nothing Much Exciting Going on Here


Hello, family! How are you guys doing? I don´t have very much to write this week, and I don´t really feel like writing much. I´m tired, whatchya gonna do?! 

So, I´m just going to send more pics from the temple and stuff. 

Elders....always joking around...


Things are going well. I love my companion, and we laugh a lot! This transfer is coming to a close already, so I don´t know if I´ll be staying here or moving on. But with my companion record so far on the mission, I have no doubt that I´ll be getting a new one. I´ve had a new campanion every transfer so far(not to mention the 5 that I had at the CTM).

Here are some pics from one night this week. We were waiting up at the church to have a lesson with an investigator, and we were dying of hunger! So, we had what we called the 18th miracle(there´s a movie called 17 miracles about pioneers)... We found bread! But it wasn´t just crappy cheap white bread, it was yummy fluffy bakery rolls. MIRACLE! So, we ate it...All of it...  :) 

 I haven´t heard any complaints about stolen bread yet... but I´m pretty sure whoever left the bread at the church will receive some blessings for feeding the missionaries.

Sorry for the really lame email!

Have an awesome week! Have fun at Disney, and I´ll talk to you later!


Sister Stevens

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