Monday, August 25, 2014



Wow, I just have to say that I am writing this email completely in shock. Let´s see if I manage to write in a way that makes sense... I just received a call from President Wright. It was pretty strange, especially because the first thing he said was, "Sister Stevens, sabe que eu tenho muito confiança em você..." (I have a lot of trust in you)... First off, you KNOW that something hard is about to happen when Pres. Wright says that to you. And let me just say, the next thing he told me was, Sister, you are going to be the new Sister Leader Trainer... WHAT?! I´m dying inside!

Tomorrow is transfer day, and I've been feeling for days that I would be transferred. So, when I saw my name on the transfer list, I was completely calm. But then came the shocker, the call from President. So, Sister Leader Trainer is a little bit (or a lot a bit) different from just being a normal trainer. A Sister Leader is almost like an assistant to the president. We have so many sisters serving missions now in the world, that we need to have leaders that watch over and make divisions with the sisters. So, I guess for some reason the Lord wants me to do this for the next little while.

I´m in shock, and I´m freaking out a little bit!

But anyway, other than that, Sister Sallum and I had a really great last week together. We had another miracle! A baptism! His name is Luã and he´s 14 years old! He´s amazing. Sister Sallum made a contact with him on the street 2 weeks ago, he went to church with us on Sunday, and last Sunday night he went to Evandro's baptism saying that he would like to be baptized too. He´s so cool! We visited him every day this week, talked to him mom, and "taught" him everything he needed to know before baptism. What I mean by "taught" is that he already knew everything, and he didn't have a problem with anything! He came prepared. He´s a really sweet kid.

His baptism was yesterday afternoon. A hot "winter" day here in Rio Grande do Sul... Everything went as well as possible for a baptism day (nothing ever goes smoothly), and he had a great experience. I´m so happy for Luã, and that we were blessed to know him this last week here. It was a miracle baptism!

I´m excited and scared for this next transfer, but I honestly know that I´m heading where I need to be. I know that President Wright receives revelation, and if he felt that I needed to be challenged with this new responsibility, vou la! Just send a lot of prayers my way! I´ll be needing them!

I love you all, and I love the mission. I know that Christ lives. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and that when we listen to his voice, and follow his councils, we´ll be blessed.

I hope you all have a perfect week! I love you all

Sister Stevens

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