Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tchau Tchau For Now Now

WOOOOOWWWWWW.... I´m freaking out just a little bit. I think that this might be the very last email that I send home.

Next week I´ll be heading to Porto Alegre on Monday and I don´t know if they´ll give us a chance to use the internet...

Well, other than the fact that I´m really nervous, Sister Cabrera and I are working our tails off and seeing we´re seeing the miracles!

Last week we had 2 more amazing baptisms! Remember Pamela, the young woman that we baptized last time? We were blessed to see the baptisms of her Grandmother and her cousin! It was an awesome Sunday afternoon and another special baptism.

This week is full of activities. Today we´re heading to the temple with President and Sister Wright, Friday we have the Wedding of Karine and Rafael and Saturday we have Karine´s baptism. Sunday is my last day here in São Leopoldo...

I´m looking forward to this week. And I´m looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Love, Sister Stevens

Pics from the baptism... Maria doesn't look all that happy, but I promise she is! haha She doesn't smile in pictures...

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