Friday, October 10, 2014

Ficar Feliz


Hellloooo people,

I know, it´s been a while since I've written much, but things have been going crazy around here. There´s a lot to do and not enough time to do it all! But miraculously everything works out in the end.

Last week there was a surprise emergency transfer here on the mission. 3 new Americans arrived, and I received a new American companion. I was really sad to see Sister Loner leave. I really loved being her companion, but the Lord knows what he´s doing, right?! But when I heard that I was getting a new American, let´s just say I freaked out a bit. AN AMERICAN?! WHHHYYYYYYY??? It´s so much harder, and Americans are weird... haha That´s pretty much what I was thinking the whole time! But when I got to the Rodoviária to switch companions, I met Sister Horn from Kirtland, Ohio. She´s amazing! She´s really funny and for 4 days in Brazil she´s speaks really good Português! She was a "visa waiter" for 8 months in the states. She´s doing great, adjusting well and excited to work here in Brasil. It´s a whole new world, new expectations and a completely different mission... But she's ready and willing to change and learn how it is here in Brasil.

Miracles are happening here in Sapiranga. The transfer is flying by fast, but we´re preparing more of God´s children to enter into the waters of Baptism. It´s hard work and we´re fighting against the adversary at every turn, but it´s amazing to see how much more power there is on the Lord´s side.

Please pray for us so that everything works out with our baptism this Sunday. Her name is Amanda and she´s 14 years old. She´s really cute, even with her rebelous nose peircing and all! haha

I´m loving the mission, and just so you know, I´m really thinking about staying here forever! haha I have so much more to learn and so many more people to help! I love it!

I hope that all is going well, and that everyone is happy and healthy!

In the words of my Sister leader companion in her horribly conjugated Português..."Só Ficar Feliz!"

Amo muito vocês e sinto falta! Mas, amo a missão e nunca quero voltar! rsrs Só brincando! Fica bem, fica feliz, e até a próxima!

Sister Stevens

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