Friday, October 10, 2014

Rushing by


What a great and crazy week! This transfer is going by fast, and the weeks are going by faster. Sister Horn and I are working our tails off to help as many children of God as we can! This week was a hard one, because we were traveling back and forth from Porto Alegre to Sapiranga to Lajeado and who knows what other cities. It was a week full of traveling, so it left us with only 3 days to work in our area. But miracles happen when you count on the Lord and after a week of craziness, sister conferences, trips to the police station to renew visas and exchanges with other sisters, we managed to help an amazing young woman enter the waters of baptism.

Yesterday, Amanda Gabriela dos Santos was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was an awesome day! And even though she didn't want to wear the hideous white jumpsuit *haha* she got over her embarrassment and was baptized. The best part though was when we were talking to her in the bathroom and she said that she felt so much better... This is what makes my work worth it. Knowing that I've actually helped these people to feel "so much better."

I love the mission. It´s getting crazier and crazier as the time passes. More and more responsibilities and meetings and exchanges, but i´m loving it!

The transfer is coming to a close, I think that I´ll be staying here in Sapiranga with Sister Horn. At least I hope so!

I´m excited to listen to a prophets voice this weekend for General Conference. I know that it´s going to be amazing and inspired. I can´t wait to hear what has to be said.

I love you all and miss you. Fica firme e feliz sempre!


Sister Stevens

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