Monday, October 27, 2014

It's a Girl!


Oh my goshhhhhhh!!! I can't believe I'm an aunt!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH I'm so happy! But the only thing I wanna know is why the heck she didn't get my middle name, huh?! ;)  just kidding, just kidding. I'm so excited that my cute baby niece finally came. I just wish that I was at home to cuddle with her.

This week was a great one. I traveled a lot, yet again, but Sister Horn and I still managed to work a lot in our area. We're teaching a lot of wonderful families here. I just hope that I have a chance to be here when these families receive the blessings of the gospel through baptism. The only hard part about this area is that absolutely no one is married! So, here´s to a lot of eventual marriages!

Man, I'm so happy to hear about my new niece that I can't concentrate enough to write more than this. But here's to a week full of happiness!


Titia Stevens

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