Friday, December 12, 2014

Only One More Week in Sapiranga


What a week. It was a great one here in Sapiranga with Sister Horn. We've been working our tails off here in our area trying to help God´s children come into His kingdom. We worked hard, but also had a lot of fun in the process! Sister Horn and I got to go to another English class this week to talk about American culture. I love to do that because it opens up a lot of doors for the future. A lot of times the kids and youth from the English classes run up to us on the streets and start to talk to us and ask us questions. It´s way cool, and I for sure know that one day when a set of missionaries knock on their doors, they´re gonna invite them in. 

We've also been blessed with a ton of amazing families who love the missionaries. They welcome us in with open arms, big fat hugs, and more food then is possible to eat! I love the mission. I can´t wait to get home and help all the missionaries in the ward. 

One of the amazing families that invited us over for dinner

Sister Horn and I were blessed this week with a miracle. His name is Rodrigo! We found Rodrigo sitting outside of his house a few weeks ago. It was one of those moments when you see someone and you have the impression that you should stop, but then you just pass on by and regret it. You know that feeling? Well, that´s exactly what happened. I saw him sitting on the front porch of his house and I thought about how we should go over there and teach him, but I rationalized not stopping because we were heading somewhere else. Well, that nagging "you should have stopped to talk to him" feeling haunted me the whole time as I walked away down the street, until we rounded the block again and we found him outside. He was awesome. Rodrigo is more or less 40, but he lives at home with his dad because he has a physical disability. He was hit by a car when he was 11 years old, and then 2 more times after that. But other than his physical disability he´s very smart. He accepted the Lord´s invite to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ. And yesterday was his special day. I was so happy to see how the Lord works and blesses the lives of the missionaries, and how blessed I am to be one of his representatives.

This is going to be our last week of the transfer, and I´m pretty positive that I´ll be sent to a new area. Only 2 more transfers left now... The time is going by fast.

But anyway. Amo vocês. Tenho saudades, mas é bom. Tenho muito coisa mais para fazer e vou ver vocês logo.

Tchau, Sister Stevens

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