Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year


Bah, como o tempo passa rápido, né?
Man, time goes by fast, doesn't it?
Happy New Year!!!

Wow, it's hard to believe that 2014 already flew by. And where have I been for all of it? Oh, that´s right, in Brazil! I can´t believe it!

It's been a good start to the new year. Sister Cabrera and I have met a lot of great people already. We´re already seeing some of the miracles that´re going to happen this year in São Leopoldo! It´s so great to see how the Lord literally puts you on the right street at the right time to talk with the right person. I have a goal this transfer to really be guided by the spirit more and more. To be more sensitive to the whisperings of the spirit so that I can take advantage of the rest of this short time that I have left.

I´m not counting or anything, but, I only have 5 more p-days after this one! I´m trying to trick my mind into thinking that I have a lot more time than I do, but it´s not working very well. Every day someone reminds me that I´m going home soon.

For example, there´s this cute little young woman in the ward that always helps us out, and yesterday she pulled me aside at church to tell me how much she was going to miss me! WHHHAAAAA??? I still have weeks! This can´t be starting already!

Everything that I do, or that happens, or even the music I listen to makes me feel nostalgic. Nostalgia for the mission... It´s so weird. The mission hasn´t even ended yet and I already miss it! What am I gonna do when I get home?! haha Get ready for it, and start buying a year supply of tissues, cause I think I´m gonna cry a lot. Oh, and don´t be too surprised if I hop on the next plane to Brazil!

I hope that everyone had a great new year celebration. While you were all partying it up, I was knocked out dead asleep in my bed! I was pooped and I couldn't even stand the thought of staying up until Midnight! How weird is that right? The girl that would party it up until 4am dies if she sleeps after 10:30... I´m sure I´ll get over that pretty fast when I get home though! haha

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Sister Stevens

New Years Eve dinner with the Goncalves family

Our first lunch of the year

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