Thursday, January 1, 2015



We made cookies and put the new "he is the gift" cards to give to new investigators this week. It´s a great way for members to share the gospel too! 

-We made Christmas packages to give to new members, less actives and investigators and gave them out Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun and everyone that received a package was really happy.

The bishop let a school group use the church for an activity this week, and we had a chance to share a message with more than 200 people about "the gift" It was awesome! Afterwards we set up a table with Books of Mormon, Liahonas and pass along cards. We gave out a whole box of Liahonas and about 8 Books of Mormon! Woohoo! Success! 

Noite Familiar! The pic isn't very clear. But we did a Family Home evening last night with a family that's preparing to get married and then the wife will be baptized! They are awesome! The cake with the blue sprinkles are the brownies that I made. :)

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