Sunday, July 6, 2014



Hello! I am so happy to hear that Danielle and Chris are having a girl! I know that they already have a secret name picked out, but that won´t stop me from giving a lot of great Brazilian options! haha
I´ll start looking for some cute Brazilian baby things to send home! :):):)

This transfer has started out interesting... It was a rough week, but even through all the rough patches, you know that it´s one of those learning a growing experiences. We have 5 more weeks here in Lajeado, and it´s going to be a tough one, but I´m doing my best to stay positive. You should see the things that Sister Oliveira Souza and I make up to keep laughing on the street. We are a couple of mad women! But at times in life the best thing to do is stop stressing and start laughing. There are so many things that aren't in our control, so why worry? Just Laugh!
I just want you all to remember the blessings that you receive when you help the servants of the Lord, the missionaries. But don´t do it grudgingly. Serve with a willing heart. You´re the people that the missionaries need. They need your support, your love and your help. Please help the missionaries in your area. Because if you bless the lives of the missionaries in the ward, I know that I´ll receive the blessings that I need here in my area. A mission isn't easy. A mission isn't a vacation. But a mission is work. It´s the work of the Lord, and I know that the Lord will bless you for your sacrifice and service.

I love you all, and here´s to another week.

Tchau tchau,

Sister Stevens

Pictures from last p-day:

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