Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's a Little Bit Old...It's a Little Bit New


WOOOOWWWWW, it´s crazy how things work and change here on the mission. Transfer happened last week and, as always, I had to drag my suitcases by bus and train to get to my new area. Or maybe I should say, my old area.... I returned to FERNANDES! I was in shock for about two days that I returned here. Actually, I think that I´m still in shock! I closed this area for Sisters, and here I am a few months later opening it for Sisters again! I´m feeling a bit trunky, because I feel like I've returned back home.

It´s really cool though that I can be back here for a while. I guess Heavenly Father is giving me another chance to do something that I didn't do when I was here the first time. I´m finishing up the training of my new companion, Sister Sallum. She´s from Florida too! And she´s super sweet.

This week were doing our best to help my old investigator Sergio. He´s been receiving the missionaries for at least the past 20 years, but he´s never been baptized because of his problem with smoking. He never manages to stop smoking! But this time, I've got the faith, and we´re going to help him stop. Please pray for him, because it´s gonna be a tough one! But thanks to my birthday package that I got this week, I gave him 2 (inspired) packages of gum that he can chew when he has a craving.

Anyway, I´m loving my new old area, and I´m so excited for my chance to work here with my new companion. She fresh and full of faith! haha

I hope that everyone is doing well, and blessing the lives of the missionaries!

Have an amazing week!


Sister Stevens

Oh, and thank you for all the cards and the birthday package! I love you all!


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