Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's Transfer Time...


Hello, I´m going to write a short letter for all of you today, because the computer that I´m using is having a lot of problems and keeps shutting down.

But just so you know, this transfer has come to an end. And what is the fate of Sister Stevens? Sister Stevens will be.............Drum roll.......................

Transferred! Again! Woohoo! And I´m not training! Woohoo (again)!

This was an interesting transfer, that´s for sure, but Sister Oliveira Souza and I learned a lot. And, we were blessed with a miracle too! I´m grateful for the time that I spent here. It wasn´t easy, but nothing in life is. But even though it felt like I didn't have much success, I know that the Lord was helping me to understand more about the Atonement, and about patience.

I´m excited for this new transfer. It´s going to be another opportunity to learn and grow.

I hope that everyone back home is doing well.

Love you all!

Sister Stevens

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