Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ele Ouva Me!


So, We had an interesting week here in Lajeado. This week was the opening of The World Cup, Dia dos Namorados, and other normal missionary goings on.
All of the Brazilian missionaries had a cow because they couldn't watch the cup, and I heard a lot of screaming on the streets every time Brazil made a goal while we were locked in our apartment. I don´t really have a problem staying indoors because I´m not a huge soccer fan, but at the same time, it would be pretty cool to take part in the first World Cup in Brazil while I´m actually in BRAZIL! But we have this rule for a reason. So what do depressed Mormon missionaries do while their in Brazil but can´t watch The Cup? They eat! haha We ate cachorro quente, brownies and ice cream. And we read our scriptures! haha I made a goal to read the New Testament during The Cup.

But seriously what I really would like to write about is how Heavenly Father really does listen and respond to our prayers.

The whole last transfer, Sister Oliviera Souza and I were working and praying to open a group in Arroio do Meio, another city that´s part of the ward. We were working and working and trying our best to reach our goal and receive that blessing.
And let me tell you, I know that Heavenly Father is listening! What happened this week? Sister Oliveira Souza and I were sitting in the very first sacrament meeting of the new group in Encantado city. It wasn't the city where we were trying to open that group, but this just goes to show that the Lord sometimes responds to our prayers in a way that we don´t expect, but in the way that´s the best.

He knew that we wanted to take part in this marvelous work, but He knew that it would be better to open a group in an area that is more prepared and with people that are more willing.

It´s such an honor to be part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to see the gospel spreading and the Church growing throughout the world.

I was so happy yesterday to sit in that little rented room, with a beautifully humble family, that has been working and sharing the gospel for years. They´re seeing their efforts paying off, and they´re receiving the blessings of the Lord.

I love being a missionary and taking part in these miracles.

Thank you all for your love, support and mostly your prayers. Realmente O Senhor ouve me, e Ele ouve vocês. Ele ti amo, eu te amo, e Ele responde as nossas orações.

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