Sunday, July 6, 2014

Half-way Done!


Hello family!

Que semana mais TRUNKY! Oh, I just realized that I was writing in Português... oops! haha

So, this week wasn't really all that trunky. It was just crazy! Sister Oliviera Souza and I were working hard to have a week full of lessons (and a baptism), when I happened to reach a date really special... I reached the half way point! 9 months on the mission and 9 more months to go! So, of course I took "pregnancy pictures" like any other ridiculous sister missionary that reaches the half way mark...I don´t want anyone to have a cow and think that I´m actually pregnant! QUE HORROR!

But when you reach this point on the mission, it really makes you take a step back and remember how far you've come, and how little time you have left. You have to take advantage of every second of the mission, because it passes in a heartbeat! But not only the mission, you have to take advantage of every single day of your life. We don´t know how much or little time we have, and who know when we reach our halfway point in life. We don´t want to look back in the end and wonder what we were doing. We don´t want to have any regrets. This very second is our time to be obedient, to learn something new, to help the person next to us, and to laugh! We are meant to shine! Let´s take advantage of that!

I hope that everyone back home is great! It´s so good to hear about everyone each week.

Keep helping the missionaries. They need you. You are their families, you are the people that support them and help them in their areas. They need you. They need your food, they need your time, they need your hugs, they need your cars to pick up investigators on Sundays. They need your testimonies during their lessons, they need you every single day. They need you to help them in their desires to be obedient. Don´t try to keep them at your houses longer than they should be. Turn off the tv when they come over, turn off the music in the cars... Learn about their rules and responsibilities, and help them live them. You will be so blessed for this love and service. You will have the love of the missionaries, the love of their families, and the love of the lord.

I love you all. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I need them, I feel them.

Have a perfect week, and think of a way to help the missionaries in your area. They need you.


Sister Stevens

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