Sunday, July 6, 2014



Helloooooo everybody!

What an interesting week and a half I've had here in Lajeado... Wow, I don´t even know where to begin. 

New District!
My companion is on the left, Sister Mariz (my old companion) and sister Taylor (American from Florida) are sitting on the right.

First of all, it was amazing to talk with the family on Mother´s Day! Technical difficulties and all. I miss you guys! Anyway, I love you all! I hope that you are all well! Stay healthy! Don´t throw up! It´s the worst... 
So, this week was a good one. Lajeado is really pretty and has a lot of rivers and trees. A lot of our area is in the middle of nowhere, but we do our best to talk to all the sheep and chickens about the gospel. I have a ton of pics to send you all.

Our area is HUGE!

So, things were going great, right? We talked to our families Sunday night. We got all trunky, we went to bed, and then the nightmare began... dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn...

I woke up at 2am feeling horrible! I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bucket and threw up. It was the grossest throw up of my life! Let me just say that it was the first time that I threw up out of my nose too... It was THE WORST! Sister Taylor, was already sitting in the bathroom when I woke up, she was sick too... Oh no! We tried to sleep, but every hour and a half we were throwing up. Talk about miserable. The Elders called us at 6:30, and they ended up coming to our area to bring us rice, bananas and gatorade. They were our lifesavers yesterday. Each and every one of us were sick with stomachaches, and the elders called us about every 2 and a half ours to find out if we were still alive. They were our moms! haha 


But today we´re all feeling a lot better. A little weak, a little tired, but not super sick. Thank goodness!

This week is going to be interesting. Tomorrow we´re headed to Porto Alegre for a sisters conference, so we have to leave here about 6:30 am, and who know when we´ll get back into Lajeado... And on Saturday we're headed to Porto Alegre again to go to the temple. It´s going to be an interesting week. I just hope that I get some work in!

Sister Stevens

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